About Us

Communicate with people who don't speak your language in an easy, fast and secure way.



What is LingoCall?

LingoCall is a worldwide remote live interpretation service platform at the reach of your fingertips. Basically, easy-fast access to a human professional interpreter from anywhere in the world.


We are a company seeking growth, innovation, new challenges and to give back to the community in many ways. We want people to grow as we do and believe in the power of giving.

Mission & Vision


To facilitate multilingual communications to any person, at any time and place in need, through remote linguistic services in an easy, fast and secure way.


To be one of the leading linguistic solutions companies in the world providing total and complete satisfaction to our clients every day.

Our Values


We honor our commitments and are transparent in everything we say and do. We are trustworthy.


We seek to exceed expectations. We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in our daily act.


We are passionately creative and focus on a continuous innovation process to meet the current and future needs of our users and interpreters.


We are respectful of what our users and interpreters express and demand and we try to satisfy both parties under a framework of equality regardless of characteristics of gender, religion or nationality.  Learn More 

Meet Our Team

CEO - Bernardo Escobar

CFO - Claudia Giraldo

CTO - Camilo Escobar


Communicate with people who don't speak your language in an easy, fast and secure way.


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