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What do I need for registering on your platform?

You only need a valid email and a valid MasterCard or Visa credit or debit card.

Do you charge any kind of monthly or yearly fee for the account?

No, no fees at all, you only pay for the calls you make. If you do not use our services you won't get charged anything.

Does the account expires due to inactivity?

No, the account doesn't have an inactivity expiry time period.

In what countries is LingoCall Available?

In all of them, as long as you have a non restricted internet connection and a supported device you can have access to our platform.


What is the normal flow of a LingoCall?

1 - Login into our platform (via Web or Mobile App) and navigate to the Call page.
2 - Select your language, then the language of the one you need to talk to, and the specialization of the topic of the call.
3 - Click on the search button and the system will search the most suitable interpreter available at the moment and show it to you.
4 - If you like the presented option then accept it and start the call, the interpreter and you will join immediately.
5 - If not, then reject it and the system will search another one for you.
6 - Once in the call, you can either copy and paste the call's link to send it to the third party to join, or type an email for the system to send an invitation email to him/her.
7 - While you wait for the third party to join the call, briefly introduce your interpreter to the topic of the call for him/her to be more prepared.
8 - When the third party joins the call, the interpreter will greet both of you and start the conversation interpretation.
9 - You can finish the call at any time, when you do all the parties will disconnect from it.
10 - After the call has been finished the system will charge the call to your card and send you an email with the receipt.
11 - You can always check the call details in the History page.

What browser should I use to make a LingoCall?

You should use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox if you are a Windows user, and Safari version 11 or greater if you are a MAC user, to ensure full compatibility with the video call technology.

Can I make a call if I have an outstanding bill?

No, you need to first pay the bill that is pending at the time and then you can make the call.

How do I know the shared information on the call won't be used and/or communicated to others by the interpreter?

All the interpreters have agreed upon registration on a non disclosure agreement that covers all the information they translate through the platform.

What Languages does LingoCall offer for the calls?

The language availability depends on the connected and available interpreters at the time you request a LingoCall. To check the languages we cover in general, you can go to the Services section of our web page.

What happens if I request an interpreter for a LingoCall and no interpreter is found?

You can keep searching as the system notifies interpreters they should connect because there are lost call requests found using the information of your lost calls. You can search as long as you want until you find an available interpreter, searching for interpreters won't cost you anything.

Payments & Rates

Will I get charged when I request a LingoCall?

No, there is no charge for requesting a LingoCall. Only if you decide to make the call the minutes and the connection fee will be charged at the end.

Will I get charged for rejecting an interpreter?

No, you will not be charged for the interpreters you reject.

When does the system start the call minute count?

The system starts the minute count from the time you and the interpreter successfully join the call until the end of the call.

If the interpreter could not join the call, will I get charged for it?

No, if the interpreter does not connect to the call you can finish the call free of charge.

If the third party could not connect to the call, will I get charged for it?

Yes, the connection fare and the called minutes will be charged.

If I could not connect to the call, will I get charged for it?

You won't get charged anything if you couldn't connect because of network related problems or unexpected errors.

What do I get charged for in a call?

You get charged an initial connection fare plus the total of minutes the call lasted from the time the interpreter joins until the end of the call.

How much does an interpretation minute cost?

You can check our pricing on our home page at the Pricing section.

What is the connection fare?

It is a fixed fare that we charge to provide the platform and to create the connection between you and the interpreter.

What happens if I do not get the emailed receipt after the call?

You can check the History section to see if the call was registered, if it wasn’t then it means that the call won't be charged to you.

What happens if the payment did not go through after I finished the call?

You can go to the Payments section to pay your outstanding bills, as well as manage your cards registered in the system.

What are the reasons why the payment might not go through?

If our payment platform is down and/or your card information is not valid.


How can I access LincoCall platform?

You can access LingoCall using the following tools:

PC - Latest versions of Mozilla and Chrome internet browsers.
Android - Our free LingoCall App or the mobile internet browsers: Chrome, Mozilla, and Samsung Internet.
MAC - Safari internet browser (version 11+).
iOS - Our Free LingoCall App or Safari mobile internet browser (version 11+).

For what Android versions is the LingoCall App available?

Our android application currently supports Android 5 and above devices.

For what iOS versions is the LingoCall App available?

Our iOS application currently supports iOS 9 and above devices.

Does your Android Application has any cost at the Play Store?

No, the application is completely free for download.

Does your iOS Application has any cost at the App Store?

No, the application is completely free for download.

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