Work With Us

Join us to provide high quality worldwide interpretation services while working from home at your own time and need.

Our Workforce


Worldwide professional interpreters and/or translators that have proven experience on consecutive and/or simultaneous interpretation services.

The Work

Call Interpretation

Attend calls that need interpretation services from users around the world, focusing on great user experience and ensuring the highest interpretation quality possible at all time.

About Us

What is LingoCall?

LingoCall is a worldwide remote live interpretation service platform at the reach of your fingertips. Basically, easy-fast access to a human professional interpreter from anywhere in the world.


We are a company seeking growth, innovation, new challenges and to give back to the community in many ways. We want people to grow as we do and believe in the power of giving.

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The Benefits


Our platform has been thought-out for you to offer your services to people from all around the world. We are interested in your growth, it means our growth too.


Manage your time however you like, no work schedules at all, you work as much as you like and at the time you feel like it.

From Home

No need to get stuck in the city's traffic jams, you just work from the comfort of your own home. We give you the tools and connect you with clients, you only have to do what you do best.

Rating System

An integrated 5 star rating system for you to be able to report unfair treatment from the users if it were the case.

Easy Payment

The money you make will be tranfered to your bank account for you to access it easily and free of hazards.

Made With Love

Help us help others, our enterprise is being built with the development of social interest projects in mind!

The Requirements


A desktop or laptop computer with 4GB minimum of RAM, camera, headset and microphone.


Updated Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser to its latest stable release version at all time.


A stable high speed ADSL internet connection or stable 4G mobile network internet connection at all time.

Bank Account

A valid PayPal account (or local bank account if located in Costa Rica) for us to deposit your money every week.


A resume with proven interpreter formation and / or experience on the field.

People Skills

Good people skills, at the end of the day the job is about people communicating with other people.


$0.90 per Call Minute

It is simple, from the moment you join the call to the end of it, you earn 90 US dollar cents per call minute for your services.

Bi-Weekly Payments

Get paid bi-weekly for the accumulated balance and keep track of the calls you have made during each billing period in our platform.

Work With Us

Join us to provide high quality worldwide interpretation services while working from home at your own time and need.

Not Ready Yet?

No problem, check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page, and if you still feel like something is missing then send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!