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Certified Technical Translation

Certified technical translation services for different sectors/topics: medical devices, pharmaceuticals, health, engineering, industry, manufacturing, sustainable development, sustainable cities, climate change, international migration, etc… We cover more than 25 languages.


Linguistic violence – “Leave no one behind”

In a recent event in Costa Rica, on the human rights of migrants at the borders – “Human Rights for people on the move: intersections”, in this case on the border between Mexico and the United States, when we were providing the service of Face-to-face simultaneous interpretation English <> Spanish, with our simultaneous interpretation teams and interpreters, we had the opportunity to hear a phrase referring to linguistic discrimination and the impact of the language barrier for these communities and migrant flows: Linguistic violence.


Simultaneous interpreting services

Simultaneous interpreting services in business meetings, congresses, seminars, tours (guided tours). Including: Booths, interpreters, technical services, assembly, disassembly, equipment (transmitters, receivers, interpretation units, relay, sound mixers, microphones, speakers, etc.) Complementary services: Record the audio of each language, record the event on video. Interpreting on the move, with portable equipment. Languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, […]


Advantages of translating your website

Advantages of translating your website. Globalization has allowed many activities to be carried out through the Internet. Undoubtedly, among the most notable aspects is the immediate access to information that can be disclosed in real time and electronic commerce, which not only allows you to make purchases virtually, but also allows products to reach markets […]