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Medical Devices and Translation. Saving Lives from Costa Rica

Medical Devices and Translation. Saving Lives from Costa Rica. Costa Rica has been identified as a leading country in attracting foreign investment, being the headquarters of multiple multinational companies. Part of the fundamental reasons for this achievement have to do with its stability, legal security, trained and bilingual workforce, as well as the tax incentives […]


Multicultural Communication in International Negotiations

Importance of Multicultural Communication in International Negotiations. In an increasingly globalized world, it is necessary to know the different languages, cultures, customs, religions and their importance when doing business. There is a great opportunity to grow and reach new markets in multiple countries and language and cultural barriers should not be an impediment to achieving […]


Sign Language Interpretation

Sign Language Interpretation. Interpreting is an act of communication that consists of transmitting the content of an original message issued in a specific language to another understandable to the receiver. The interpreter becomes a linguistic and cultural mediator between both communities, that is: a transmitter of information. In order for an interpretation to be carried […]


Translation errors in advertising

Translation errors in advertising. Translation is a task that must be carried out professionally, since the message must be transmitted trying to provoke the same sensations, perceptions and reactions in the recipient as in the original text. This is where the importance of hiring professional translators with experience comes from, since they will always carry […]

Translation of contracts and legal documents

Importance of translation of contracts and legal documents. Legal translation or legal translation services refer to the translation of legal documents or texts that were originally written in a foreign language. You can find both public documents issued by official bodies or by the administration of a certain government and private documents written to regulate […]

The Importance of Multilingualism in Marketing

The Importance of Multilingualism in Marketing. Without mutual understanding it is impossible to live and work with other people, which is why in order to be successful in a globalized economy it is important to invest in language skills. A significant number of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises often miss out on valuable business opportunities […]

Medical Interpretation and Translation

Medical Interpretation and Translation. Living in an era of knowledge entails or implies an increasing technical or professional specialization of those who live in a world that is increasingly competitive and accelerated. This situation is fully applicable to translation. It is not enough to master two languages ​​and be an intermediary or serve as a […]