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Dubbing errors in movies and series.

It is important to remember that audiovisual translation is the process by which the content of audiovisuals is translated to transmit information through visual or acoustic media. In this type of translation, each word must make sense in a context, time and tone. Among the translation services is dubbing, which consists of replacing the dialogues […]


Dubbing Services

VIDEO DUBBING SERVICES We provide dubbing services for videos, movies, games and video clips in more than 25 languages. We receive your video with the original audio and we pick up the original audio, transcribe it in the original language, translate it into the target language (script), do the synchronized locution of the new translated […]

Language services throughout history

Language services throughout history. The existence of various languages ​​and civilizations makes linguistic services one of the oldest activities of humanity. As the different civilizations came into contact with each other, interpretation and translation services began to be necessary. Interpretation first, as it is an oral process that allows what is said in one language […]

Medical Devices – Translation Requirements

Medical Devices – Translation Requirements. The medical device regulations are the rules that companies must follow in order to sell medical products in the European Union. All these regulations are to ensure the quality of the products and also ensure that the translation requirements are met. As of 2021, they implemented a rule that says […]

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Translation of Standard Operating Procedures.

Translation of Standard Operating Procedures. Without a doubt, precision is crucial for success in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Poorly manufactured medical products can seriously damage a company’s reputation, which is why it is essential to apply Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in companies to ensure quality control. These procedures are step-by-step instructions to document work […]


The problem of automatic translators

The problem of automatic translators. Without a doubt, automatic translators improve over time, however, they are not a substitute for professional translation and interpretation. The vice-dean of the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation of Granada, Jan-Hendrik Opdenhoff mentioned that “Perhaps the day will come when machine translation will take away the jobs of professionals, but […]

Video Dubbing and its importance

Video Dubbing and its importance. Dubbing is the process of replacing the dialogue lines of an audiovisual production in its original version with dialogues in another language. Its objective is that the production can be understood by other people. The voice actors must make the dubbing as natural as possible and that it makes sense […]

Advantages of holding events remotely

Advantages of holding events remotely. Without a doubt, since 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies and sectors have had to reinvent themselves to move forward. The health situation forced many face-to-face events to be canceled. This brought with it a greater implementation of virtual events, becoming a new reality. Virtual events are meetings […]