Legal interpreting services provider. Legal interpreting is usually provided in court hearings And it is required by law in many legal areas in legal hearings or immigration processes, for example. We can help! We have the interpreters and expertise. 

Legal interpreting is a branch of interpreting conducted when speakers of different languages have to communicate in legal or paralegal settings. Each legal system has its own unique court procedures, legal concepts, and terms that sometimes have no equivalent in other languages. This means that the level of specialization of interpreters must be high, even by region or country.

Usually legal interpretation in trials and other legal scenarios is done consecutively and not simultaneously since this allows the parties to have time to analyze each party’s messages, take notes and prepare their next interventions. Of course, this also allows for more accuracy. For greater clarity, we define here the difference between consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

Consecutive Interpretation: The interpreter talks after the speaker pauses, giving the interpreter time to process and translate from the first language to the second.

Simultaneous Interpretation: The interpreter speaks at the same time as the original speaker; there are no pauses. To achieve this modality, it is necessary to use transmission and reception equipment.

Interpretation services in legal hearings or immigration processes are usually offered in person given the conditions of confidentiality and sensitivity of issues, however, depending on the languages involved and the local non-availability of interpreters for certain language combinations, they may also be provided remotely using video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or similar.

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