We facilitate global multilingual education through our remote simultaneous interpretation service over videoconference or webinar.

For many universities and educational centers internationally, it is very important to expand their markets and capture students from all over the world, as well as access educational materials and world-class experts in different disciplines, technologies, methodologies, advances and innovation systems, to be competitive and manage to deliver high-impact educational or training courses that respond to current needs.

However, this is not so easy due to budgetary restrictions to assume the logistical and operational costs of providing their content in different languages and managing to “bring” the right experts to their face-to-face courses.

On the other hand, in order to capture students from different parts of the world, they would have to have multilingual teachers. Something that is not easy to achieve or to ensure over time, either due to costs, availability or the same language and cultural barrier that makes it difficult.

That is why at LingoCall we have developed a solution for educational and training centers where we offer remote simultaneous interpretation services through remote meetings in the format of videoconference or webinar that include professional human interpreters for each target language and that allows among others the following advantages.

  1. Offer the course and its contents in a single source language without having to duplicate or multiply efforts to hire teachers or instructors who speak the target languages.
  2. Record the event in each of the languages, thus generating dubbed material for the future.
  3. Have a digital page for prior registration (registration landing page) and analysis after each event or class, providing the data of the registrants and final participants.
  4. Include question and answer sessions, surveys, collaborative work on mind maps and brainstorming, etc.
  5. Reduce the operating and maintenance costs of the educational offer in a disruptive way.
  6. Increase flexibility and access for limited times to the participation of world-class experts in an agile and much more economical way.
  7. Instructors, teachers and lecturers, along with students can participate from anywhere, at any time in real time, or consume the recorded content later.
  8. Each one of the participants selects the language in which they want to listen, in a simple way, in no more than three clicks.