Multicultural Communication Importance

Multicultural communication is so important in foreign trade. When you are internationalizing a brand or you want to spread information internationally, it is very important to think globally but communicate locally.

The adaptation of the translated content must be such that the information is understood according to the culture and way of thinking of each target region.

Recent studies show that the ability of a country to communicate in a multicultural and multilingual way is critical to increasing its competitiveness and international projection. Not only in terms of increasing its gross domestic product but also in its ability to transfer knowledge and technology quickly and effectively to encourage continuous innovation, investment, and economic growth.

To demonstrate the relevance of multilingual and multicultural communication, we present two examples of its economic impact.

Switzerland and United Kingdom cases

Switzerland’s multilingual heritage gives it a competitive advantage worth SFr46 billion ($38.15 billion), says a study presented in Bern this week. The advantage is equivalent to 9% of the gross domestic product (GDP).

The UK loses 3.5% of GDP in lost business opportunities due to poor language skills