The Importance of Language Services to Internationalize your Company. It is no secret to anyone that we live today in a globalized world, with an increasing interrelationship and contact between various nations or peoples, both in the commercial field, as well as in the diplomatic, industrial, technological, labor and other multiple facets. . Countries and people live interconnectedly and the need for communication between them is undeniable. This necessarily drives and pressures companies and organizations to reinvent themselves, find new and better ways so that far from stagnating, they can grow and reach a larger audience or market. All this leads to internationalization.

Internationalizing is synonymous with communicating in the target language, and that, after all, is translating, which consequently makes language services a key tool for the growth and expansion of companies and organizations. The advantages derived from this process are numerous: expand the number of potential clients, expand the brand image, increase the size of the company and, of course, increase the level of billing.

However, the internationalization of a company, without a doubt, facilitates access to a much broader market, which is why it requires a whole strategy. For a company that seeks to expand its horizons with intelligence, it is much more than marketing goods and services worldwide, therefore it requires a clear vision of brand and communication, marketing, financing, acquiring knowledge and developing skills that are useful. Undoubtedly within this, it is essential to have professional, serious linguistic services, since they end up becoming a good part of the company’s letter of introduction.

Both translation and interpretation play a fundamental role in this process. Internationalization implies contact between the company and people and institutions from other countries, and this undeniably leads to the translation of documents and the interpretation of different events. From the development of the web page, the choice of content, the first links, there are multiple factors that must be taken into consideration and that should not be done without professionalism. It should be remembered that translators and interpreters are something like bridges between different cultures and languages ​​and facilitate the approach to potential clients, which means growth for the company that internationalizes.

Show or make known products to potential clients in places hitherto unreached, establish contacts, enter into initial negotiations, export or import products, participate in international tenders, all of this requires specialized knowledge, experts who are familiar with the language and culture of the country, which can result in good business results. Just translating a web page into English, Chinese and Spanish can allow a company to reach 60% of total Internet users. Hence the importance of being accompanied by a good translation agency. This will allow you to approach each specialty with excellence and take better advantage of every opportunity. Internationalization will make you resort to sworn translation, technical translation, legal translation, web and/or app translation, as well as other possibilities for which you should always be prepared. The following translation variables are quite common in these scenarios

  • Translations of documentation related to the marketing area, such as translation of the website, corporate brochures and catalogs, company rates, communication on social networks (posts, etc.).
  • Sworn translations of official documents (contracts, deeds, trademark registration, etc.)
  • Translation of collaboration agreements, legal and economic reports, etc. Which in some countries require a sworn translator authorized by a state agency
  • Technical translations of technical manuals, patents, technical files and reports, tenders, etc.

But in addition, if it is necessary to start a negotiation orally, interpretation services will be required, since when a deal is being finalized there can be no room for doubt in the terms and conditions. Internationalization is here to stay, how best to take advantage of it depends on the actors, the success or failure of a company can depend on that.