We provide dubbing services for videos, movies, games and video clips in more than 25 languages.

We receive your video with the original audio and we pick up the original audio, transcribe it in the original language, translate it into the target language (script), do the synchronized locution of the new translated script and in this way, we deliver your video with the audio in the other language.

As you can see, video dubbing is a service that involves other services (transcription, translation, localization, synchronization).

Dubbing can also be accompanied by subtitles and even sign language interpretation, depending on the specific case and the inclusivity requirements that are to be included.

It is important to keep in mind that video dubbing is very crucial when it comes to broadcasting videos, movies or video clips internationally, as we can see in the trend of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Stremio and others, where it is common to see films already dubbed in several target languages, or at least with translated subtitles in several languages.

From the business approach and internationalization processes or off-shore operations, dubbing is of the utmost importance, in fact, training your staff and communicating with your audiences in each region, in their native language, is a fundamental part of its quality assurance and risk mitigation system.

Dubbing is a very detailed task that must be done taking into account not only the process itself, when executing the different services mentioned above, but also that of adapting the translation of the original script to the language, culture, idioms in target markets. We call the latter localization of a translation.

We always recommend that the dubbing of videos be done with human powered voice-over, not with robotic assistance, in order to achieve more empathy with the cultures of the destination regions where the dubbed content will be consumed.

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