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Voice-over translation is an audiovisual and translation technique in which, unlike in dubbing, actor voices are recorded over the original audio track, which can be heard in the background.

This method of translation is most used in documentaries and news reports to translate words of foreign-language interviewees in countries where subtitling is not the norm. In some countries, most notably in Eastern Europe, Mongolia, Vietnam and Cambodia, it is commonly used to translate many movies.

Voice-over is a production technique where a voice is recorded for off-screen use. While prominently used to reference movies and television, voice over can also be used for telephone services, along with other informational service.

Voice-over is popularly shortened to “VO”

What are the characteristics of voice over?

  • Narration in a movie or show, often used throughout the runtime.
  • An off-screen voice that informs the audience of important facts or opinions in fiction and non-fiction productions.
  • Informative and directive voice in commercials or over the phone.
  • A scripted statement of copy that is read in a specific way.